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Michelle, MPA, BA, CFRE

With expertise in nonprofit fundraising and corporate giving, Michelle Rey is uniquely positioned to understand both sides of a powerful philanthropic relationship. Her formal education in nonprofit management, combined with her passion for corporate social responsibility, sets the foundation for effective and lasting philanthropic matchmaking. Michelle helps nonprofits find givers, and givers find purpose. In the process, she develops a lasting partnership that makes a difference for everyone. In her career, she has been a part of two Billion Dollar campaigns, funded and structured global sustainability initiatives, and helped people create purpose with what they have to give. As the Founder of Santa Clarita’s brightest nonprofit consultancy firm, Michelle Rey connects the nonprofit and for-profit worlds by showing everyone the Power of Philanthropy (POP).
The daughter of engineers, Michelle earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics, her Non-profit Management Certification from University of Texas and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Villanova University, where she fell in love with the world of corporate social responsibility. After completing a Master Certification in Nonprofit Management, she was ready to put her expertise to work. Today, as the founding President and Lead Consultant at POP, Michelle teaches executives, nonprofits and volunteers how to create maximum impact. On the corporate side, she works with executives, teams and families to develop social responsibility programs. On the nonprofit side, she guides staff through management and fundraising skills that foster powerful donor matches. POP helps everyone make a difference through consulting sessions, speaking engagements, workshops, educational programs and more. As the head of POP, Michelle spends each day asking the powerful question: How can I help you make an impact?


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